10 July 2024

Payee creation for AUD

17 June 2024

As part of enabling USD for our Members, several integration changes will be necessary.

5 June 2024

Small changes upon Virtual Account creation.

28 March 2024

Few upcoming changes announcement.

1 August 2023

  • The Business End User Object has been introduced Business End User Object
    For all the Members that want to be able to create Business customers as End Users on the Fiat Republic Platform

22 March 2023

  • To enhance the ability to review incoming payments before they are finalized and a transaction is generated in the Fiat Account, we introduced the Member Review functionality.
    This feature enables you to reject payments that do not align with your risk tolerance. Payment Review
    You can set the settings here: Member Review Settings

27 February 2023

  • We've introduced a new Return object Returns Object making it effortless to process returns for unwanted incoming payments (Payins) through the returns endpoint.

9th November 2022

  • Providing the BIC for EUR SCT Payments is now optional. On the Create Payee endpoint, when creating a EUR Payee, the bankDetails.bic field is no longer required.

2nd November 2022

  • The Create Payin request has been updated. The to object has been simplified to remove the type field which are implicit from the id. This has been replaced by the toId field. The update is backward compatible, and the endpoint will continue to support the to field but will be deprecated in the coming weeks.
  • The Get Virtual Account Transactions endpoint has been updated from /virtual-accounts/transactions to /virtual-account-transactions

18th October 2022

  • The Payments Object has been updated. The from and to objects have been simplified to remove the type fields which are implicit from the ids. These have been replaced by fromId and toId fields. The updates are backward compatible, and all payments endpoints continue to support the from and to fields but will be deprecated in the coming weeks. The following endpoints have been updated: