End Users are your customers who should be created on Fiat Republic before you can start receiving or sending payments for them. We require a minimum set of details on your customers to fulfil our regulatory obligations and perform AML checks.

Some of the fields below are not mandatory but highly recommend that you provide them to us to ensure smooth operations and minimal disruptions to your user's payments.

e.g. linkedCryptoWallets to aid in crypto transaction monitoring.




IP address from where the user signed up on your platform.


Symbol of the coin or token. e.g. BTC or ETH


Blockchain wallet address of the coin or token


One or more relationships between the End User and the walletId.

OWN - The End User's own wallet.
SENDER - The End User has sent value to the wallet
RECEIVER - The End User has received value from this wallet.


One or more nationalities can be provided


Provide PEP if the End User is a known PEP (Politically Exposed Person)

After creating an Individual End User, you will be able to create one or more Virtual Accounts for them.

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