Member & End User

The Fiat Republic API can be used to create and manage Fiat Accounts and Payments for your own treasury purposes as well as for processing fiat collections and withdrawals for your users.

MEMBER You, the crypto platform onboarded by Fiat Republic. Fiat Accounts created for a Member are typically used for Corporate activity.
END USER Users / Customers of the crypto platform. Virtual Accounts linked to a Member's Fiat Account are created for End Users for collecting fiat funds from your users and making payouts.

When you create Fiat Accounts, Virtual Accounts and Payees, providing a valid endUserId in the request will create the object for the specified end user. Leaving the endUserId field empty or null will create the object for the Member.

The ownership of an object can be identified by the ownerType field (MEMBER or END_USER) and is present on the following objects:

  • Fiat Accounts
  • Payees
  • Payers