Payees are external bank accounts to which payments can made from Fiat Accounts and Virtual Accounts. Different types of payments can be made to the same Payee depending on the bank details provided for the Payee at the time of creation.

:exclamation:Incoming breaking change

Starting from April 7th, once creating Payee the address object will be required regardless of currency.
It will not be possible to create the Payee without providing this information.

Payee address can be changed (excluding the country). The format of the request does not change.

The bankDetails required for a Payee depend on the currency and the type of payment you want to make to the Payee.

CurrencyRequired FieldsSupported Payment Schemes
bankDetails.routingCodeType (SORT_CODE)
UK Faster Payments - FPS
SEPA Credit Transfer - SCT

When a Payee is created, the response contains a paymentSchemes param which tells you the Payment Schemes via which the created Payee can be sent a payment.


:information-source:Review Process

To maintain the highest standards of compliance and effectively restrict third-party payments, a Compliance Review is automatically initiated when there is a discrepancy between the Payee's name and the End User's name, ensuring all Payment processes are transparent and secure.

We work on Compliance Review during business hours.